Senior Real Estate Specialist …..

8512A55AD8I’m often referred to as Walnut Creek’s Senior Real Estate Specialist. While I am a real estate broker who focuses on senior real estate, I don’t mind being referred to as the city’s “go to” specialist or expert.  There are many benefits for working with someone, like myself, who is focused on the senior demographic.  When selecting someone to work with, you should consider who is best suited represent your interests during the process? Who will work with you to navigate through real estate, financial and legal decisions when purchasing or refinancing your home? Do you want someone who sells to all different types of clientele? Or do you want to work with someone who knows about all the issues, concerns, and future challenges within your specific segment of the real estate market?

Most people don’t consider the questions that I’ve asked above, which is why I wanted to clarify the benefits of working with someone who is an advocate for seniors when it comes to major real estate decisions, including rightsizing your main home, buying a vacation home, or purchasing investment rental property for your estate.  Myself and other certified Senior Real Estate Specialists can’t ever provide you with tax or legal information. But we can discuss concerns, options, benefits and more outside related to real estate and away from taxes or legal issues.

Now, here’s what you need to keep in mind when deciding to work with me- or any other senior specialist within the real estate market;

1. Make sure your broker / agent communicates with you to ensure you understand industry terms, housing, legal and financial options.

2. Make sure your broker / agent is experienced in anticipating client  needs and crafting solutions for yourself and other people who are 50 and older. Being well versed in market values, financing, universal design elements and more does make a difference. Your financial situation now is a lot different from when you were 20, 30, and even 40!

3.  Make sure your broker / agent is working to help you realize a dream or a goal. You don’t want someone who is using your money to help them realize a dream or a goal. You have to be happy with the real estate you sell or buy.