Seniors & Families Cashing-In On Affordable Walnut Creek Condos!

Right now, the California real estate market is presenting an interesting atmosphere for senior citizens who are looking to downsize their homes. While home sales are expected to capture 1.3% less money compared to September’s numbers, seniors can still make a profitable move.

The average overall home price is $640,000 in Walnut Creek right now, and the average price for a four bedroom home is $892,000.  Seniors who look to sell a three or four bedroom home have many comfortable options when it comes to downsizing to a condo or townhouse in the same area.  In fact, I currently have 8 properties, perfect for seniors starting at$199k. The potential for profit does exist without having to sacrifice location or amenities.

What I want to stress today is that real estate “lows” sell headlines. We are not in a market where buying or selling is a devastating move- in fact, we are far from that. Seniors around Walnut Creek- or the country for the matter- have plenty of opportunities to sell their homes for a fair price and obtain properties (as assisted living situations) that meet their budgets and financial requirements.

Families are also afforded many opportunities with the current market. Because there are many larger homes being sold at reasonable prices, families are pouring into the East Bay and the greater Walnut Creek area. Houses with sprawling back yards, which are close to quality schools and high-end shopping, can be obtained right now. With the holiday season right around the corner, home loans are being initiated and approved faster when compared to the rest of the year.

The point to today’s blog is information. I’ve read the headlines, I’ve reviewed the data, I know where the market is going because 1) I grew up in Walnut Creek and 2) I have the experience to navigate the data.

Right now is the right time to buy or sell a home.

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