Strange Real Estate in SF

I usually post a blog on a real estate or senior citizen orientated news piece of trend. Today, however, I cam across a piece that Ann Marie Erwert wrote. While her bylines are amusing, the photos speak for themselves…. You can see the full story (more importantly the photos) by clicking here:

This said, if you’re going to sell your home please make sure that you are not going to end up on a list or a feature like the above link!

  1. Always clean your home before you or your real estate agent takes any photos. You want to ensure clutter, cleaning products, animals, garbage, underwear, political posters, etc. are not in the background.
  2. Always make sure your TV and computer screens are off. You don’t want to have a movie on with a naughty scene captured in your real estate photos.
  3. Make sure you are not in your photos.
  4. If you’re photographing the kitchen make sure you put a plate of cookies or a fancy cake somewhere in the pictures. It seems like a small detail, but this truly does work.

Want more tips on how to position your home right for real estate photos? Let’s connect! Call my office or shoot me an email.