Telling Family “It’s For Sale” in Walnut Creek

Downsizing the family home isn’t always the easiest – for the family. While seniors know that too much space and a yard can be a bad thing and that a more upgraded condo or townhouse – even AL community- is more financially and lifestyle sound, their adult children and family members may have a hard time letting go of the family home. Here at Sam Benson Realty, we have come up with three ways to help seniors tell their family members that the over-sized family home must go.

1.  Have a meeting to discuss selling the family home in a place that isn’t the family home.  Make sure to bring a list of only the pros and the whys with you. A neutral environment calms any attempt to become agitated or to raise a voice, which is always a good thing. And a list only discussing the pros and the reasons shows your adult children that you have thought this through and that you are serious about selling.

2.  Bring adult children to the viewing of other homes. This may sound counterproductive but it is a way for them to be involved and to show them that you are, again, serious and that you are vetting all of your options.

3. Make sure you define expectations. If you only want your adult children to help you view homes, make sure they understand that is their role. If you want them to help you make financial decisions and even sell some of the extra furniture, make sure you define that role to them. Being clear about communication and expectations helps smooth over any rightsizing real estate transactions with both real estate professionals and family members.