The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty to Your Contra Costa County Business

Entrepreneur, Internet personality and former Apple executive Guy Kawasaki recently wrote a blog entry called “10 Things You Can Learn from the Apple Store.” His observations were culled from a recently released book entitled “The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty” by author Carmine Gallo. While focused largely on the retail experience, the work is primarily a look at some of the principles that have driven the overall success of Apple over the decades.

Since I’m guessing that both you and I wish to build what the title suggests: “insanely great customer loyalty,” I thought I’d share and comment on a couple of revelations from the book that I particularly am impressed with.

As a real estate agent in the San Francisco East Bay, that’s something that I certainly want all of my clients to come away with: the feeling and knowledge that I, Sam Benson, have done a fantastic job for them. I attempt to build that “insanely great customer loyalty” in a multitude of ways, including that which is mentioned below.

The key principle that’s driven into the minds of Apple Store employees is “enrich people’s lives.” Employees are encouraged to carry a small card with them that bears that exact motto. This is also the credo used by Apple executives when they began conceptualizing the Apple Store experience.

How do they attempt to carry that out? By abandoning the concept of “selling more stuff.” Instead, they produced a non-commissioned sales force so that employees would feel comfortable spending large amounts of time with each potential customer.

While what I do – helping people buy and sell homes across Walnut Creek and Contra Costa county – may be greatly different from your business, I feel as though each one of us can utilize the principles spelled out here.

I’m not going to go into detail on each of the 10 points. Instead, I’ll list them here, let you ponder their significance for your business, and then strongly suggest that you read Kawasaki’s take on the principles.

  The 10 Principles

1) Stop Selling Stuff

2) Enrich Lives

3) Hire for Smiles

4) Celebrate Diversity

5) Unleash Inner Genius

6) Empower Employees

7) Sell the Benefit

8) Follow the Steps of Service

9) Create Multisensory Experiences

10) Appeal to the Buying Brain

You may wish to read the entire blog linked below for more specific detail on each of the points shown above. Regardless, here’s to great business for you whether you ply your trade in Benicia, Danville, Orinda, Pleasant Hill or anywhere in the San Francisco East Bay!

Kawasaki’s Blog Article