The Best All-Around Exercise for Every Body in the East Bay

You may have heard about or seen the fad “planking” on YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet. It’s the game (usually for fun) where an individual lays across an object and attempts to remain as stiff as a board – or a plank.


That’s what I read in an article from AARP the other day. According to them, “(The Plank) is probably the #1 best all- around, full-body strengthening and toning exercise there is. It works out your arms, legs, hips, core, back and tush – pretty much your entire body – and it’s an exercise that benefits both men and women.”

The trick here is to simulate the “up” part of a push-up and hold your body in that position – perfectly stiff – for 30 to 60 seconds. Every part of your body should remain still, tight and taut for the duration. According to the author of the article, one trick to achieve the pure stiffness is to imagine that a string is attached to your spine, pulling you upward to the ceiling.

Dependent on your current level of fitness, you’re bound to find this exercise either very difficult or – if you’re pretty fit – only somewhat difficult. Regardless, expect your heart to pound and arms to shake.

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