The Foot Print of Social Media

chitika Social-Sites-Traffic-by-Genre

It’s been about four years since I was first introduced to social media, Blogging as we call it for real estate professionals.  Pat Kitano and Kevin Boer of Domus Consulting approached several of us to become part of a Northern California real estate group that shared a blog.  This turned out to be Homescopes.  Homescope is currently going through its first major re-tool by RealEstate Tomato.

Many of my friends, neighbors and clients in the Walnut Creek area use little tid-bits of social media.  You know,  Facebook,MySpace, YouTube, and photo base sites like Flikr. If I’ve missed a few, that’s because there are now 1000′s of social media sites that provide communication tools for all demographics.

Chitika, is one of the most powerful web companies to provide good market research data for bloggers that want to have a commercial aspect to their blogs and web presence.  Why not? If you have something to sell and want to attract other advertisers to your blog, it’s a valid media.

I’m not going in that direction. is a portal to residential real estate in Contra Costa County, a suburb of San Francisco.  We include weekly market data, blog posts about local events and real estate information for buyers, sellers and investors.

Our next venture is, a hyperlocal blog that has news for the Walnut Creek area.  It’s brand new and growing very quickly. Feeds to this site are provided by Twitter and Facebook.  Any site that has a RSS feed can be transferred to breakingwalnutcreeknews.  In short, this blog site has everything from actual hard news that in many cases arrives on this site faster than many of the news providers.  Also included are restaurant and foodie news, sports news, non-profit news and many more.  We are very excited about this hyper local Walnut Creek site and know that many of the business owners, residents and people with an interest in Walnut Creek will participate and use it on a regular basis. STAY TUNED.