Thoughts About Buyers

Walnut Creek Home buyers20 years in the real estate and mortgage business and I can not remember a better time for a qualified buyer to buy a home or investment property. The Press keeps talking about the “other shoe to drop.” Finance companies going out of business, large Wall Street and Hedge Fund losses. So what?

Buyers get out there and buy! In chaos comes opportunity. Take advantage of extraordinary interest rates, listings that have been on the market for months and let this general feeling of chaos work in your favor.

Besides below asking price offers, how about asking for a rate buy down on your mortgage or seller to pay closing costs. Want to buy a Townhome or condo. Ask for 2 years HOA dues to be paid by the seller at close of escrow. Ask for for everthing you want and let the seller think about it. If their serious about selling their proerty they will grap you by the ankle and make the deal work.

It’s a great time to buy a home!