Wachovia Short Sales

Wachovia Bank has set up a streamline process for their short sales.  They are taking the lead in creating this process for homwowners with World Savings loans on their homes in order to stop the amount of foreclosures.

As a Certified Wachovia short sale real estate agent, I can market your home in the same manner a non-short sale homes are sold.  Photos, virtual tour, direct mail and the trimmings.  This gives us the ability to reach more buyers.

Other Realtors and finding out that Wachovia is easier to do business with, so they show these homes, where many Realtors shy away from short sale listings in Contra Costa County,  If you need help with your World Savings mortgage, please let me know. We will also have a series of Webinars later this month, March to explain the process.  Drop me a line to discuss your individual situation in complete confidence.