Walnut Creek Downtown

I LOVE Walnut Creek’s downtown area. There is always sooooo much to do. There are the First Wednesday events each and every month. There is tons to do, tons to see, and our city embraces the art and entertainment. First Wednesday events are held on Cypress St. from 5-8pm. The up and coming schedule is as follows:

September 2,
October 7,
November 4,
December 2,
January 6,
February 3,
March 2,
April 6,
May 4,
and June 1st

WCD hosts Walnut Creek First Wednesdays each month for all ages which includes live entertainment, arts & crafts, treats & more! You can learn more about this event series by clicking here: http://www.walnutcreekdowntown.com/

One of the reasons so many people LOVE our downtown area, any day of the week, is the diversity it offers as far as food, drinks, and shopping. From sushi to pizza to exotic coffee and high-end steaks, our downtown area has it all. Why wouldn’t you move here? Why wouldn’t you stay here?

I love Walnut Creek downtown so much! I wanted to spend this Saturday offering you a chance to go downtown, visit our local eateries and do some shopping. It’s one of the best places to be in Walnut Creek.