Walnut Creek Homebuying Tips

I always like to people that there is no “magic wand” when it comes to buying homes in the greater Walnut Creek, CA area. However, there are two tips right now that I can share which will help your home buying efforts become more competitive within the local area.

First, do some footwork yourself. This will help your very busy realtor discover what you like quicker and thus present homes you may want back to you faster.  This starts with creating an instant property alerts. Many real estate websites allow users to save their search criteria and alerts emailed or text to them within minutes of homes coming on the market. The process is simple. Find the best real estate website in your area to setup email alerts and then watch your phone for the alerts to come through.  A quick Google search is the easiest way to find these sites, and see which have homes that best meet your criteria. You can also set up the alert through your realtor’s website, at least this works in most cases.

Second,  hire a real estate professional who maintains a sense of urgency. Yes, not all real estate agents do the same thing the same way. Some even work with more sellers than buyers. You have to get to know who you are going to be working with before you decide to bring him or her on board. You want to find an aggressive agent who can meet you in a timely manner. Buyer’s agents are very in-tune with the current struggles that the trending fast-paced markets present. They understand how time is of the essence when shopping for a home in a hot market. They can help you, so make sure you are qualifying who you work with.

The above tips are not an across-the-board rule for success, but they do help you find a home in a very competitive market.