Walnut Creek Library

Growing up in Walnut Creek, I spent a lot of time in the main library on Broadway.  Besides the reference material we needed for our school work, I found that I could explore the world through the magazine subscriptions that arrive monthly.  Magazines like Popular Mechanics, Life, Boys Life, Look and the old stand by; National Geographic.   The women who worked there were very nice, but did not put up with any crap.  Talking was against the rules and enforced.  Yep, We got kicked out on a regular basis, but allowed back in because Walnut creek was a small town. 

The main library has closed and a new one is planned.  In the meantime, Walnut Creek has refaced the library in Northgate on Oak Grove Road.  It’s small, but fills the gap between old and new.

The Old Walnut Creek Library 

This Sunday, January 13th, there will be a “Retirement” celebration for the old library.  It’s called Thanks for the Memories, Walnut Creek Library.”  The festivities start at 2pm and go until 5pm.  The Rossmoor Big Band will perform as well as story tellers and other personalities from the past.  A real walk down memory lane in Walnut Creek.

The Walnut Creek Library Foundation has already raised more than $1, 800,000, so I expect the new facility to be spectacular.  Walnut Creek continues to be a City that has a tremendous appeal to the residents and business owner alike.