Walnut Creek Parking Meters

Out of Order Parking Meter in Walnut Creek 

This is a photograph of a parking meter in front of Coldwell Banker in Walnut Creek.  It seems this parking meter broke the other day and a very resourceful person, obviously with baby in tow, used a diaper to show the world that it is out of order.  How many of you think it was the design of a Man?  How many of you think it was the design of a Woman?

 If 100 people answered this question, I would estimate that one person out of 100 thought it was the doings of a Man.  My solution would be, pay the parking ticket and forget to notify Walnut Creek that this meter is out of order.  The shape of a parking meter and the shape of a diaper never seemed to be comfortable to me.  Besides that, I do not carry diapers in my car! 

I want to thank the female of our species for having the design sense and confidence to use a diaper to show the rest of the world that this parking meter is out or order.  If this sounds Chauvinistic to you, please accept my apologies, as I happen to think this is a genius solution to a urban problem.

The moral of the story.  Keep a clean diaper in your car.