Walnut Creek’s Median Housing Inventory

Median Inventory for Walnut creek 

Over the past couple years, namely 2006 and 2007, Walnut Creek real estate has started the year with very little inventory.  As the year progresses; inventory increases.  The graph above shows this trend.  The interesting trend for 2008 is the we are starting the year with more inventory.  This is no surprise to anyone who has been following Walnut Creek real estate trends.

In fact the market we have in 2008 is more of a balanced market from the beginning.  When we started the year with less inventory, it was a seller’s market.  Now we have an opporutnity to buy and sell in a real estate market of parity.  Opportunitys in the move-up real estsate market are present as well as opportunites for people wanting to scale down in size or into a one-story home.

My point in this article is that our Walnut Creek real estate market is ripe for the picking for both buyers and sellers.