The Lindsay Wildlife Museum Offers Furry & Feathered Fun for Kids (and Grandkids) of All Ages

I know, this blog is supposed to be about real estate for people, but I couldn’t resist paying a virtual visit to some of our wilder neighbors at Walnut Creek’s swankiest address for animals: the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. And believe me, there is a connection to real estate here after all: it’s wonderful community resources like the wildlife museum that help make Walnut Creek such a desirable place to settle down, especially if there are youngsters in the picture.

Rescued Great Horned Owl Meeting Some Young Fans, Photo Courtesy of the Lindsay Wildlife Museum
Great Horned Owl at Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Located at 1931 First Avenue in Larkey Park in north Walnut Creek, the museum was founded in 1955 by local businessman and animal lover Alexander Lindsay. It moved into its current 28,000 sq ft building in 1993, where its team of staff and volunteers works to rehabilitate injured local wildlife and educate visitors about the ecology, environment and natural history of Walnut Creek and its environs. Currently the museum receives over 100,000 visitors a year, including 40,000 school children.

So what kinds of wild friends can you and the kids expect to meet during a visit to the museum? Among its Animal Ambassadors (rescued animals who can’t be released back to the wild) are a gray fox, bobcat, desert cottontail rabbit, bald eagle, barn owl, desert tortoise, and even some of our less cuddly neighbors like a tarantula and black widow spider.

In addition to rescuing local wildlife, the museum offers an ongoing series of educational camps and classes for kids and adults. Upcoming topics include “Bones and Muscles