What if Facebook was called something else?

Would you use it?

What if Facebook was called…

  • “Stay in touch with your children”
  • “Find out what your grandchildren are interested in”
  • “Learn more about the history of your community”
  • “Stay informed about events in your city “
  • “Receive insider promotions and coupons for local businesses”
  • “Track the real estate trends and growth in your area”
  • Or, coming full circle, “Share your life with friends and loved ones, nearby and far away!”

Facebook may have started out as a network for college students to quickly find and chat with each other about studies, events, and members of the opposite sex, but it has rapidly evolved into something else: a global tool of connection utilized in all areas of personal, family, community, and business communications. In short: Facebook is here to stay. And in reality, Facebook is here for you.

Please, don’t let a name hold you back from enjoying the benefits of Facebook.

After you find your friends and family on Facebook and “add” them to your network, we encourage you to search for local businesses, restaurants, clubs, and organizations to include as part of your favorite pages. These groups and pages will keep you up-to-date about the “goings-on” in your town and will often give their Facebook followers perks and coupons or advance notification of sales and events.

Of course, we at Real Estate 680 are pleased to have our own Facebook page, The Greater Walnut Creek Area’s Senior Community Resource, and we hope you will add us to your valued network.

Real Estate 680 is committed to providing a meaningful hub of information through our blog and our Facebook Page. When you are subscribed to The Greater Walnut Creek Area’s Senior Community Resource Facebook page, we will provide you with ~

  • valuable news and announcements relevant to the Greater Walnut Creek Area’s Senior Community
  • real estate listings updated daily, allowing you to search for homes in your area and compare your home value to others in the neighborhoods nearby
  • weekly real estate trends and analytics for the Walnut Creek Area plus the benefit of expert information on the forecast of the real estate climate, both locally and nationally

If there is anything you would like to see included on our page, just let us know by emailing us at  Sam[at]RealEstate680.com or giving us a call at 925-262-4299.  We are always seeking to build our page around your needs.

Join our Facebook page now and let’s get to know one another better ~ beginning today!