What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist ®?

If you’re a senior with plans to buy or sell a home, you may feel a little puzzled by all the twists and turns the real estate market has taken over the past few years. It’s definitely been an interesting, often bumpy ride, and many seniors I’ve talked to are mystified by what happened to the calmer, more predictable market they knew when they bought their first homes. When even your kids’ generation is confused by this new, not necessarily improved real estate market, you may wonder if it’s even worth the risk…after all, you got older and wiser for a reason, right?

Not to worry, there’s still plenty of good real estate news to be found, especially in a market as vibrant as Greater Walnut Creek’s. Many key market indicators are looking up, and as a senior, you have the added advantages provided by Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES).

What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist, exactly? We are professional realtors who are focused specifically on the real estate needs of those aged 50 and over. We deal with the challenges faced by seniors in an unpredictable market on a daily basis, and we can show you the many opportunities this market offers…while also helping you avoid its potential pitfalls.

To earn the SRES designation, we’re required to complete a senior real estate education program prepared and administered by the SRES Council. Being an SRES is quite an honor, and it means we’ve demonstrated the skill and expertise needed to guide seniors through the major financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home. But it’s not enough to just pass the SRES coursework – we also need to stay current on trends in senior housing via regular updates from the SRES Council. It’s a serious commitment, but it’s well worth it for those of us who care deeply about helping seniors make the right real estate decisions for their stage in life.

So if you’re a senior with questions about the Greater Walnut Creek real estate market, you’ve come to the right place. I’m proud to be a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, and I’m at your service…so feel free to get in touch by phone, email or by posting a comment below. I look forward to getting to know you!