What NOT to do when selling your home

Are you scared? Do NOT be!

Selling your home is an exciting yet exhausting process. In order to help you feel more at ease with putting your home on the market, I have compiled a list that will sure keep you calm even at times of stressful situations. The points I gathered below will prepare you for the entire process of a successful home sale and I can assure you will even have fun!

No Odor Control


Ok you animal lovers out there. I love all those furballs running around too but you have got to make  sure when anyone walks into your home during a showing nobody can smell the cat litter or the can of salmon your Dalmatian had for breakfast. Put it away, clean it up, put it outside, hide it, I do not care, simply make sure buyers are not sniffing out your pet haven.


Yes, I know you like those hot pockets and chili burgers with lots of bacon an onion. It makes me want to stop writing and grab one right now. However, please make sure that after you cooked your latest fantastic dinner you air out your home. Open up those windows, the doors and let the food smell leave your house. Not doing so can be a major turn off to potential buyers.


I know that smokers cannot smell the smoke on their shirt, let alone in their house. Smoking inside your house will leave a bad taste in many buyers mouth. The smell of cigarettes can radiate from your curtains, your couch and your bedroom. Heck, even the walls start to smell like smoke after a while.

Do not hide the odors, eradicate it! Get rid of unwanted odors without using candles and scents to cover up the bad odor. Buyers are savvy, hey will find out anyways.

Leave Your Dogs Out

You might be 100% sure that your dogs will not attack anyone walking around your house yet still you need to put your dogs away during showing. Some people are terrified of dogs, some simply don’t like them and some potential buyers might be coming with small children. You do not want any major mishaps do you? Do not lose buyers over your dog. Make sure he is safely put away somewhere where he/she is happy so that buyers can enjoy looking at your home stress-free.

Leaving Your Stuff Everywhere

I know you are tired in the morning or when you get home form work. I understand that is it hard to place everything back into its place every single time. However, right now you just have to. Don’t leave your socks on the floor or the dishes in the sink. You place needs to be spotless at all times.

Leave Your Home in the Dark

Dimly lit, dark houses are a sure way to make people want to leave your home. Create an inviting environment throughout your house by turning some of your lights on. Nobody wants to live in a dark cave, so make them feel at home. You do not need to turn on all your lights either. I know people notice such tricks. So keep it simple and bright!

Offended by Lowball Offer

Do not get offended! It happens all the time. Buyers want to save money and they will try to purchase for the lowest amount when possible. Keep calm, I know the ins and outs of negotiating. Getting an offer no matter how low is a good sign. It means they like your house. Sending a counteroffer will definitely brings us closer to an agreement and most often a second offer is the one that shows just how much they are really willing to pay.

Do not get emotional

Remember selling your home is a business transaction. You need to stop being a homeowner and start looking at the process purely form a financial perspective. Your memories that tie you to your loving home are yours to keep forever but at this point you have to distance yourself from all of that.

Not Being Insured!

Not being properly insured is something you need to think about before putting your home on the market. Remember many people will be going through your home. You need to make sure you are insured in case someone has an accident on your property and is trying to sue you for damages. You also need to be aware of possible hazardous areas around your home such as pools or dog kennels that can be possible areas of accidents.