What Paint Color Sells Homes?

Paint matters. Yes, the color of the pain on the inside and outside of your home can matter when it comes to the amount of money you make on a sale. So, what colors work and don’t work? I’m glad you asked!

Earth tones are the best colors for the outside of your home. Pinks and yellows only work , dollar wise, on Victorian homes. Otherwise, natural and Earth tones are the way to go for the exterior of a home.  Don’t go with anything white, blue, green or bright. Why? These home are on the market longer and sell for less.

For the inside of your home, try picking colors that are unisex colors and not loud.  Homes that have loud paint on the inside don’t sell as fast as homes covered in unisex hues. Even though buyers know they can easily change the paint color on a home, the thought of moving in and being presented with the task of painting can add more stress to a decision to buy.  If you spend a weekend changing the paint on the inside of your home, it may help your home sell quicker and for more money!