What’s a Normal Real Estate Market?

Ex Fed Chair Mr. Greenspan My idea of a normal market based more on activity than pricing or interest rates. It’s a process.

Renters buying for the first time. Condo owners buying their first single family home. Growing a family or just needing more space and buying a bigger home. Deciding to buy an investment property. Finally, making the decision to scale down to a manageable home that requires less time and work.

There is no other investment opportunity that offers the ability to leverage your money into such potential gains.

What’s a normal real estate market? It’s understanding how to apply your money and skills through a given period of time.

Walnut Creek real estate has shown to be one of the most consistent areas in the US while on a larger scale; Contra Costa real estate is so diverse that the statistics tend to show the market in more of a down turn that many of the individual areas like Walnut Creek . The 680 corridor has a very strong employment base that fuels housing.

In today’s age of technology, buyers and sellers have tremendous data at their finger tips. Combine that with a strong, knowledge real estate agent and you have the equipment you need to buy and sell real estate.

Marion Bennett has some thoughts of her own about the normal real estate market on the coast.