When’s the right time to buy a home?

I have a client that wants to wait to buy a home in the Pleasant Hill, Martinez area because they feel that homes will become even more affordable next year.

They may be right. I don’t see the real estate market in Contra Costa County improving any time this year. Finding the bottom of any market; be it real estate, mortgage or stock market is a skill set that is beyond 99.9% of the population. It’s more luck than skill.

If you plan on staying in your home for more than 5 years, don’t wait. Start looking now. We know that interest rates are very good. We know that sellers are motivated. Keep an objective view to the market. Submit offers to seller’s that solve your wants and needs.

Prices of Walnut Creek real estate are incredibly affordable given the 20% appreciation that occurred during the past five years. The real estate market in Contra Costa County is a true Buyer’s market.


It would be a shame to wait and have this market pass you by. If Walnut Creek homes are still out of your range, Pleasant Hill and Concord real estate is more affordable and there are plenty of deals out there.