Will Your Cost Of Living Increase When You Retire?


After all that planning and saving you’re finally almost ready to retire, and enjoy the fruits of your labor while living in Walnut Creek. While you are expecting most of your costs to decrease, there are a few costs that may actually increase when you retire, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead.


  1. Depending on your interests, your travel budget may increase significantly when you retire, simply because you have a lot more time to travel. So, if travelling is an important luxury to you try to make your dollar stretch as far as possible by travelling during shoulder or off-peak times, or taking advantage of last minute specials. Sites like Kayak.com ,  HotWire.com ,  CheepTickets.com and VacationsToGo .  I use Kayak when ever we travel.  They scan most of the major airlines, car rental and hotel chains for the best deal.  Remember that Southwest airlines doe not participate in any of these sites.  We have also uses VacationsToGo for a cruise.  The savings was very good.


Along the same lines as the above, upon retirement you will have so much more free time to fill (like 40+ hours per week!) and you may want to go out and enjoy movies, shows, or other activities. However, this can significantly impact your budget if you don’t spend carefully. Try to find a few free or low-cost activities to fill your time, so you aren’t spending so much. Even the matinees at the local theatres in the Walnut Creek are area less expensive.


You and all your retired friends will have a great time getting together on a regular basis, which can lead to dining expenses and the like. Try to keep the eating out to a minimum, instead try to rotate visiting each other’s homes if you can.  Check out some of the discount cards and programs in the area.  The deal map on www.breakingwalnutcreeknews.com  has great discount offers too.

Health Costs

Insurance Premiums will certainly increase when you retire, and your deductibles and co-payments may as well depending on your plan. Additionally, you may have more prescription costs as well as long-term hospital stays. Try to keep costs under control as much as you can, and keep an emergency fund for those emergency scenarios.

Help Around the House

Certainly household maintenance chores may not be in your itinerary once you get a bit older, so your annual budget should account for hiring outside help – whether it’s a professional landscaper or a kid down the street. We can certainly help you find a landscaper or maintenance person in the Greater Walnut creek area,

With some careful budgeting and planning ahead you can absolutely afford the retirement in Walnut Creek that you have imagined, just take a few of the above tips under advisement.